Every other thursday, a brand to watch

In this article we explore Every Other Thursday, a menswear brand that emphasizes creating timeless and high-quality clothing.

Inspired by classic American outfits

Every Other Thursday is a menswear brand that emphasizes creating timeless and high-quality clothing. Inspired by classic Americana, their designs prioritize fit, drape, and fabric to ensure durability and versatility. The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of eco-friendly and local production within the USA and Canada, aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

Focus on craftmanship

Founded with a vision to produce cherished clothing, Every Other Thursday operates on principles of craftsmanship and sustainability. Their approach to fashion involves meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each piece is crafted to last and transcend trends. The brand believes in the value of well-made clothing that can be passed down through generations, promoting a more sustainable and conscious way of consuming fashion.

The brand's philosophy extends to their production practices, where they prioritize working with local manufacturers to not only support local economies but also to ensure the highest standards of production quality. By keeping their production local, they can closely monitor the manufacturing process, ensuring that every piece meets their rigorous standards.

Every Other Thursday is not just about clothing; it is about a lifestyle that values quality, sustainability, and timeless style. Their collections are designed for individuals who appreciate the finer details in life and are looking for clothing that reflects their values and aesthetic.

Our favorite pieces


"With a 100% cotton yarn in a chunky knit pattern, this sweater is soft and comfortable on the skin. Finished with elongated cuffs and a thick ribbed neckline inspired by vintage fisherman knits. This sweater features a slightly cropped and boxy fit with exaggerated arms to give it a modern feel." Find it here.


"A wardrobe staple, the graphic tee. Made in USA from a mid weight cotton jersey and garment dyed for a soft and lived in feel just like your favourite old tees. Finished with our geese motif, a nod to our Canadian roots." Find it here.


"A classic unstructured low profile snapback with our EOT Athletics logo printed on front. These come with a flat bill however we suggest giving it a curve to wear as you prefer." Find it here.